Top Saree Trends in 2022

In all their dynamism, it’s probably not that difficult to understand why sarees are a ubiquitous fashion statement in India. One can end up writing pages on their versatility. Right from the designs and make themselves to the ways they are styled- sarees continue to be at the forefront of Indian fashion. The fashion designers, of course, get a lot of room to experiment with styles, designs, and makes- while we get to talk about the evolving trends every year!

So here we go! Here’s a look at the top saree trends that will take 2022 by storm!

Sarees that define your waist!
Remember how Sabyasachi made belted silhouettes so famous? Well, everything the wizard touches turns into enduring style but it took little time for the belted silhouettes to become the talk of the town. In 2022, expect a lot of your favorite celebs flaunting their well-defined waists in their saree gowns. The belts defining the waist, of course, would be the highlight. These belts will either be designed into silhouettes or sewn into sarees.

Kota Sarees
What has always been known as a favorite of select people will end up ruling the wardrobe of the mass. Teamed with statement pieces these lightweight gorgeous sarees come with unimaginable transformative power. If you’re a saree lover who loves staying abreast of trends, then you must have at least one or two kota silk sarees in your wardrobe.

Sarees with thin borders
They are a fashion rage of sorts today! The sarees with thin borders are lightweight and amazingly manageable. What more? Don’t think they score low on the scale of gaudiness. They can turn out to be a good fit for casual parties as well as traditional events like pujas and weddings.

Fusing fabric
An exciting fashion choice – no doubt! A chic idea that makes you stand out in the crowd. Remember a few years back we used to see those contrasting pallus? Today, they have metamorphosed into an even bigger trend with fabrics like net, georgette, and satin all fused in variant combinations.

Since the past one or two years, there has been a lot of talk about how chanderi silk has become a favorite of very young girls besides their slightly older and much older counterparts as well. So, if you’re someone who has just started wearing sarees on traditional occasions, and are willing to experiment with different styles, you can start exploring Chanderi as a trendy yet elegant option.

The credit of making ruffles a raging fashion trend solely goes to the B-Town actresses. You could spot so many of them wearing ruffles and rocking them.

So these are our top picks of the saree trends that will rock 2022! One of the biggest functional, as well as visual advantages of sarees, is that it goes on to compliment every body shape imaginable. So, there is something for everyone! The trends that we have discussed here cater to everybody shape as well. So, stay elegant, stay stylish.