Tips and Tricks to Maintain Tussar Silk Saree

Ladies, don’t you love dressing up with your favorite silk tussar saree on all your special occasions? The natural threads, the fine weaving, and the extra glam, everything adds to the oomph of these sarees. But maintaining a tussar silk saree requires special care. In this blog, we will give you the complete guide on how you can maintain and handle these sarees.

Here are some of the tips and tricks that might help you:

  1. If tussar silk gets stained, do not try to remove it at home. Instead, send it for dry cleaning. To maintain the luster and gleam of these sarees, softeners need to be used.
  2. The fabric is very expensive and you have to be extremely careful while ironing it. Regulate the heat to medium so that there is no damage to the fabric. It is better to iron the fabric when it is still moist.
  3. If you want to wash the saree after wearing it, you can use very mild shampoos or detergent along with cold water for washing any dirt particles. Using a protein-based shampoo is an even better idea since it will strengthen the protein in the fibers of the fabric. Avoid using any strong chemicals. Never rub or brush the fabric with soap. However, never wash these fabrics too frequently, or else the original shine might get lost.
  4. After washing your silk saree, make sure to dry it immediately. You can roll it in a dry towel first so that the excess moisture dries up. Next, you can leave it in the mild sun for drying or use hot steam.
  5. Don’t store this saree along with the other sarees in your wardrobe. Or else the soft fabrics can get damaged due to the friction. But also never wrap these sarees in plastic bags. Instead, use a readymade saree bag or a muslin cloth bag to store it.
  6. Do not keep your tussar saree on the cupboard for years. Occasionally in every two to three months, put it out of your cupboard and air dry it. Change the folding and keep it back. This will prevent the fabric from getting frayed. You can also hang your tussar silk saree if you want to. But make sure that the hanger is not made of any metal or else it might react with the fabric and cause damage.
  7. Make sure that the cupboard in which you are storing your saree is not damp. Or else, the fabric might get infested with fungus or silverfish. To avoid this, you can either place silica gel sachets or naphthalene balls near your Saree.

Maintaining a tussar silk saree is not an easy task at all. You need to be very careful in handling and taking care of these sarees. But, if you follow all of these tips and tricks, the glamor and shine of these sarees will be well protected. So make sure you follow all these precautions in handling your silk tussar saree.