Kurti – Trendy Women’s Clothing

When you think of the type of kurtis that are trending right now the first name that comes to your mind is that of the ethnic-style ones. As the name of these products would indicate, these products resemble the ethnic dresses of India in terms of appearance. This is a relatively new style when you come to think of it and as such it has been trending in the past couple of years.


Floor-length kurtis 

These are also being referred to as maxi kurtis in certain circles. Fashionable, trendy and literally regal in its entirety, these kurtis are reigning ethnic fashion today.

The thing with these kurtis is that they go down till your ankles. At the top they are form-fitted, and at the bottom they are flowing and loose just like a skirt. Now, it is up to you to decide if you want to wear leggings underneath this or not. This is because of the considerable length of these dresses. This is why there is a good chance that the leggings would hardly show. One of the best things about these kurtis is the ease with which you can carry them around.  

All you have to do is pair them with equally trendy accessories and you should be good to go.

Asymmetrical kurtis

Their length is not the same when looked at from all sides- a feature that renders a touch of exclusivity to these dresses. In most cases they do not have any slit in the sides as well. The two major variants of these dresses are the tail kurtis and the high-low kurtis. They would look really well when you pair them with leggings that match. Yet another advantage of these dresses is that they look rather sophisticated and smart. This is the reason why they would be just as suitable on formal occasions as they would in case of the semi-formal ones. 

As such, it has been highly popular especially since 2020. 

Layered kurtis 

A lot of women love these so much that they have developed a crush over the same. As their names would indicate, they have a couple of layers in them. Now, there are a couple of variations of these dresses. In the first one you would get a plain kurta underneath with a designed jacket on the front that stays all open as well. In the other one you just have an extra layer underneath the hemline. This creates a double-layered look when in actuality there is none. 

Front-slit kurtis 

These are basically plain kurtis with a bit of twist thrown in for good measure. They come with a front split despite having a couple of normal slits on either side. They look really well with the likes of jeans, pants, and palazzos. This is one of the latest designs doing the round these days and you can easily wear them to the parties. 

Apart from these, you can also go for the likes of the side-slit kurtis that are great for regular wear!