A Guide To Understanding Chanderi Saree

Also known as woven air, Chanderi sarees are a favorite choice for the modern women of today. A beautiful historic town, called Chanderi, located in Madhya Pradesh, gave birth to Chanderi sarees in the heart of India. They are skillfully handwoven and are a primary source of income for the population of Chanderi town.

Housing over 6000 looms as of today, Chanderi sarees are machine-made in power looms. They are also handcrafted with Dabu, block prints, Bagh, Sanganeri Print, Bandhani, Ajrakh, and an infinite list. One of the recent varieties of Chanderi sarees is the hand-painted collection. The pastel-colored sarees are painted with delicate free strokes of paint. There are two varieties of authentic Chanderi sarees popularly known as Silk Cotton and Katan Silk. Let us find out the different kinds of Chanderi sarees.

Silk Cotton Chanderi:
It is one of the most popular choices among women where the warp is mercerized cotton and the weft is silk. The Cotton blend of this Chanderi saree makes it pretty simple to drape and is ideally suitable for the summer season. It is one of those varieties that are widely available for block printing in machine-made fabrics. Here are the points that make silk cotton Chanderi stand out from the rest:

  1. Versatile saree depending on the motif work. You can carry it for work purposes, occasions, or everyday wear.
  2. Perfect choice for summers giving ultimate comfort.
  3. It can be easily draped.
  4. The price ranges from 2500 and more.
  5. Comes in plain zari borders and is woven in various motifs from nature-inspired flora and fauna all over the body.

Katan Silk Chanderi:
Katan Silk Chanderi is also known as woven air. It is because they are super light among all the weaves of India. This category of Chanderi has its weft in silk and warp in Resham along with Zari motifs and borders on the body utilizing the extra weft technique. As the saree is weightless, the degumming process does not take place here. Most Scindias and royal families choose these sarees. Here is what makes Katan Silk Chanderi stand out from the rest:

  1. The price ranges from 5000 and more.
  2. Best suited for weddings, festivals, and occasions.
  3. They usually come in woven Nakshi, Banebaar, and Jacquard borders.
  4. There are no thread motifs as they are always made with zari.

Tissue Chanderi:
Tissue Chanderi can make you stand out in any gathering when you wear a beautiful saree. Most women fancy this fabric as they make a good drape with a lot of shine. Here are some of the key points that make it stand out from the rest:

  1. The price range is from rupees 8000 and more.
  2. It is one of the most royal-looking Chanderi sarees of all.
  3. It gives a gorgeous drape in a little fluffy fashion.

Apart from these, there are Pattu Silk Chanderi, Chanderi Cotton, and some other varieties.