Beat The Heat With Cotton Sarees

Saree is not only an elegant piece in your wardrobe is also one of the most comfortable pieces that you can wear, especially in the hot summer. And what could be more comfortable than a light cotton saree? All you need to flaunt your style is to drape a beautiful cotton saree around yourself with minimal accessories, and you are good to go.

Here is a list of four cotton variety sarees you can style yourself with this summer:

1. Cotton Silk Saree

Do you want the perfect blend of luxury and comfort in a single attire? There couldn’t be a more perfect choice than a gorgeous cotton silk saree. The fabric not only looks classy and sophisticated but also feels cozy in the scorching heat of summer. This saree with its breathable fabric is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. It adjusts to your body temperature, has the cool softness of cotton, the textured look of linen, a subtle luster, and a silky drape. You can style it with other fabrics to make the outfit look more formal or dressy.

2. Chanderi

Is your styling sense a bit more inclined to the traditional side? You will not find a more authentic and culturally rich saree than this one. The signature pattern has been continuing for centuries and is never out of fashion. It could be your perfect fashion statement for any cultural event. The fabric will feel super comfortable in dry and sunny weather. Pick a light shade like Salmon Pink, Aquas, Ivories, and style it with a sleeveless blouse.

3. The Bhagalpuri Cotton

Owing to its roots in the region of Bhagalpur, this saree is your statement wardrobe piece if you want to express a modern style with a traditional, feminine touch. The abstract patterns look stunning,and the fabric is a savior when you have to attend events during hot summer afternoons.

4. The Poly Cotton

This saree is the child of style and comfort. Mixed with polyester, it is a breezy and easy fabric that is bound to make your summers feel more relaxing. Blends work perfectly if you still want to retain the silk sheen while giving it some breathability. Whether you want to ace your office fashion statement or style for a party, this fabric will make your summers more relaxing.

Picking the perfect saree from your summer wardrobe will no more be a task if you deck it up with these saree varieties. These are all perfect additions to your wardrobe saree collection.