A Complete Guide For Your Wedding Shopping

Shopping for so many ceremonies in a wedding can be exciting but overwhelming and a matter of responsibility as well.

Here is a complete shopping guide for you:

Real Jari: Jari sarees are the most authentic and quintessential piece of clothing for any auspicious wedding ceremony. Women of any age can flaunt this versatile piece of fabric to elevate their style statement

Embroidery Work: Embroidery work sarees are stunning and can be worn on occasions like Haldi or Mehendi. The detailing and intricacy of these sarees are what makes it worth the glances.

Weaving Sarees: Weaving sarees could be a great choice of gift for your relatives. You will be spoiled for choice with hundreds of different styles, colors, fabrics, and designs to choose from.

Silk Kota: Silk Kota is one of the rarest elegant beauties that can make you look so beautiful and pristine. It has a very subtle beauty to it that stands out from the rest.

Here are the things you can consider before buying any piece of saree for your wedding shopping:

  1. Color: You should always choose the shade of the saree according to the occasion. If it is daytime, go for lighter shades like pink, peach, green, yellow, etc look much better. For parties at night, deep colors like red, maroon, gold, rustre a much better choice.
  2. Fabric: Lighter and more subtle fabric is a great choice for wedding functions that are held in the afternoons. For elegant and heavy embroidered fabrics and design is the perfect choice for late-night wedding functions.
  3. Style: If you are someone who has a tall and slender physique, sarees with horizontal stripes, broad borders, and large motifs can compliment you better. If you are more short and plump, vertical stripes or small checks with closely placed motifs and thin borders look elegant.
  4. The person who will be wearing the saree: When saree shopping, you should also consider the age and personality of the person. If the saree is for someone from a younger age group, a bright and heavily embroidered saree can make them look stunning. But a saree for someone who is of slightly more mature age should be of a lighter fabric and a more subtle shade like pastel.
  5. Drape: The saree you are buying should also depend on the manner you want to drape it. If you like draping the saree in the Gujarati style that usually has the pallu in the front, go for a saree with a more gorgeous and embroidered pallu. But if you love the authentic Bengali style draping more, pay more attention to the detailings of the border and the patterns on the body.

Managing the entire shopping list for all the ceremonies and guests of a wedding is never too easy. There are many things you need to keep in mind to choose the best collections within your budget. We hope our guide will help you.