Moonga Silk – Assamese Tradition

As famous as the tea plantations of Assam is the traditional Assamese silk known as the Moonga silk. The gorgeous fabric is known for its natural tint of golden and yellow and extreme durability. In the early days, the fabric was used only for the royal families. It is sometimes considered as costly as Gold. Over many years, silk has gained immense popularity. It is mostly used to make sarees for traditional and wedding wear.

Process of making the special Moonga silk

Sericulture is a traditional method that is being used for many years in Assam. It does not require any timeframe. The time of the Ahom Dynasty was the beginning of the growth of Moonga silk. The Garo community started preparing Moonga silk. The fabric gathered from the semi-domesticated worms called the multivoltine silkworm known by the scientific name of Antheraea Assamensis.
The worm feeds on small and som plants and the fabric obtained is known for its high durability and texture. It takes a lot of time to prepare a Moonga saree. Weaving the worms and preparing the saree from Moonga silk takes roughly around two months.

Special features of Moonga Saree

The shine of the golden color saree is a feature of the Moonga silk saree. After every wash, the shine of the saree improves and enhances the longevity of the Moonga saree. It is what makes the Moonga silk saree one of the costliest sarees in the world.
The golden color of the Moonga saree made over the yellow base is the attraction point for the customers. Additional colors are also added to the sarees by zari work or embroidery. It makes the saree look more attractive. If you choose to invest in a Moonga silk saree, yellow color on a golden base is a perfect choice.

Style tips for the Moonga silk saree

The sarees made out of Assam silk make it an appropriate choice for clothing. It is suitable for any special occasion like weddings, ceremonial and other cultural festivals. It is a type of saree that is suitable for all kinds of pieces of jewelry. The saree is known for its high resilience. Before wearing the Moonga saree, make sure to perform dry ironing to give it a fine texture. The Moonga is a unique fiber in which the golden shade of the saree increases with age.

Summing it up

There are many varieties of sarees available made out of Assam silk but all are not original. The Moonga silk can only be identified using a microscope. It is very precious like gold. Moonga saree is a perfect wear for wedding occasions and other special parties. Moonga silk is one of the most precious fabrics in the world. Although the initial cost is high. No other silk can match its requirements compared to the long term. It has extreme durability and makes a woman look gorgeous on any occasion. The fabric is considered the strongest natural fiber.