Kota Sarees: A Brief History

The Kota fabric or the Kota Doria which is popularly known as “Masuria Malmal” is loved by Indian women due to its versatility and sheer lightness. This piece of clothing woven in pure cotton and silk, often considered the finest among the Indian textiles has different densities and is a wardrobe essential for so many saree lovers. This saree was originally crafted in the town of Khaitoon by the weavers of Mysore for Rao Kishore Singh. The handloom Kota cotton saree seeks its inspiration from the class and elegance of the Royals and the luxurious lifestyle of the ancient kings. Bangalore supplies the chief raw material for this saree and the zari is brought from Surat.

Fabric and design
The powdery delicate texture of the fabric feels like a feather on the body and is designed with geometric patterns known as khats. The fabric is often embroidered with pretty floral patterns called bhuti, hand-block printing, applique work, etc. There have been several experiments throughout these years with the designs and patterns which had led to a lot of innovations like landscape designs, sparkly embellishments, etc. Even popular Indian designers have worked with this piece of fabric for their wide range of celebrity looks. The sheer fabric with a modern, fashionable vibe with a touch of vintage can make you look effortlessly stylish.

Adorn this beautiful piece like a diva on multiple occasions. The flowy fabric of this saree makes it so manageable that you can even wear it to your workspace. If you are a big fan of neat and sleek styling at parties, you can rock the look with this jaw-drop-dead gorgeous saree and some stunning accessories. Kota sarees are probably the best piece of clothing to create a “statement look” on any occasion or even a regular day.

The process of manufacturing the Kota tissue has gone through dynamic changes over all these years. The handcrafting has been shifting to power loom which makes this piece of clothing much more affordable now. Also, instead of regular silk, China silk is now preferred more often to achieve the desired texture and finish.

The material of Kota sarees is extremely delicate so it is advised that you handle it with better care and go for mild hand wash or dry cleaning rather than machine wash. Wash the material very gently to retain the quality of the fabric.